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What is web 3.0: Introduce its key components

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Web 3.0 is the latest version of web technology of the current era. In this technology you have full control of your data and privacy unlike the old versions of the web where we have no control over our data and privacy. Compare to the previous technology of web 3.0 have some extra features like a decentralized system of the internet and ownership of our content. The other main features of this are machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain concept

Older versions of web Technology

Web 1.0

web 1.0
Web 1.0

 This is the first version of web technology starting from 1991 where we just have static website pages of text. In this technology, there is no login option we have just read the content as simply as we can say we have just a read-only option in the era of web 1.0.in this era we don’t have any social ads service.

Web 2.0

WEB 2.0
WEB 2.0

The era of web 2.0 staring in 2004 when we have dynamic web pages, login options, and social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, and Instagram where we cannot just read the content but also we have to upload content and post it. Social advertisement systems were introduced in this era where people earn from their website just to run the ad service.

Introduce web 3.0 and its key components

Web 3.0 is the future of the internet web technology which have full of privacy and data ownership. Where there is no CEO and no president in web 3.0, and decisions can be made by voting and ownership share count according to the data ownership in a particular company.

Semantic web, decentralization, artificial intelligence, connectedness, ubiquity, and spatial computing are some of the key characteristics of web 3.0.

Follow are some ways to invest in web 3.0

1. NFTs

2. Metaverse

3. Cryptocurrencies

4. Stocks


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